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Workshops and lectures

Work­shops & lec­tures We also offer work­shops in small groups.For exam­p­le: Intro­duc­tion to the Alex­an­der Tech­ni­que PC/office work and Alex­an­der Tech­ni­que Pre­sen­ting and Alex­an­der Tech­ni­que Jog­ging and the Alex­an­der Tech­ni­que Just cont­act us and we will tail­or the work­shop con­tent to your spe­ci­fic needs. We also offer lec­tures on the Alex­an­der Tech­ni­que, e.g., as pre­pa­ra­ti­on for […]

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Group lessons face to face and online

Group les­sons face to face & online Groups usual­ly con­sist of three to six peo­p­le. Les­sons last 60 to 90 minu­tes — depen­ding on group size.Each indi­vi­du­al group mem­ber is given the oppor­tu­ni­ty to pre­sent their con­cerns and recei­ves an indi­vi­du­al tea­ching unit tail­o­red to them.The advan­ta­ge of group les­sons is that the par­ti­ci­pan­ts can

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Individual lessons face-to-face and online

Indi­vi­du­al les­sons face-to-face and online In one-on-one les­sons, you can come to us with a spe­ci­fic pro­blem or chall­enge, or we can work on the gene­ral self-management (move­ment ana­ly­sis, mecha­ni­cal advan­ta­ge, etc.).A one-to-one les­son con­sists of 30, 45 or 60 minu­tes. Espe­ci­al­ly at the begin­ning of your tea­ching, a weekly inter­val bet­ween the appoint­ments is

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