Students’ Experiences

Tere­sa: My shoul­ders are a lot less ten­se. Ever­ything feels lighter.

Mecht­hild: At first, I thought I was real­ly croo­ked, but when I loo­ked in the mir­ror, I rea­li­ze how wrong my fee­ling was. I just stood up strai­ght – balan­ced myself.

Jakob: After my first Alex­an­der Tech­ni­que les­son I thought my head would fall off, it felt so easy.

Hei­ke: Even if you just watch a turn*, you will noti­ce how rela­xing it is.

Nico­la: Ever­ything just feels fre­er and ligh­ter, the who­le back

*Turn: the stu­dent works tog­e­ther with the tea­cher on a topic like for examp­le squatting