When you stop doing the wrong thing the right thing does its­elf

F.M. Alex­an­der

For whom is the technique suitable?

For every person

  • regard­less of age, pro­fes­si­on, phy­si­cal fitness
  • for pre­ven­ti­ve use or for alle­via­ting phy­si­cal ailments
  • actors, musi­ci­ans, dancers and other per­for­mers who often use the Alex­an­der Tech­ni­que as part of their trai­ning. Stars like Leo­nar­do di Caprio, Ben King­s­ley, Hale Ber­ry, Madon­na, Sting, and many others use the prin­ci­ples of the Alex­an­der Technique
  • for peo­p­le who work a lot on the PC or often look at their smartphone/tablet
  • for ath­le­tes who­se trai­ning methods have led to seve­re mus­cle tension
  • for making ever­y­day life easier